What Are Thineers

The new thineer is a wafer thin hybrid veneer. Thineers are quick, easy to apply, and non-invasive.

Thineers procedure

No enamel has to be removed from the tooth surface, therefore making it a comfortable experience. This means that local anesthetic may not necessary when placing the thineers, which is a big plus for patients weary of injections and pain.

Temporary coverings can be fitted until your thineers are ready to be fitted.

The permanent thineer will be fitted using a strong cement. This prevents any leakages from occurring under the veneer.

Why you might want thineers:

It is possible to have thineers if:

  • Reshape your existing teeth
  • Your teeth are crooked
  • Your teeth have staining on them
  • You have unsightly gaps between existing teeth
  • Your teeth are chipped

How long do they last?

Thineers can last up to 20 years, so long as the teeth are regularly maintained and cared for.