Dental Implants Cost in South Africa

The old adage, “You get what you pay for” applies here. Dental implants cost the most out of all dental procedures. But implants are definitely the best way to go, if you can manage it.

Imagine having the confidence to eat what you want and to smile and laugh with delight, not worrying about how your teeth look, or whether they might slip or even fall out. Nothing can compare with the full comfort and confidence that comes with dental implants.

So what DO dental implants cost? That depends…

The total cost of dental implants has everything to do with the extent of services rendered. For instance, dental professionals may charge more for work in the back of the lower jaw because that area is difficult to access, plus they have to be very careful with nerves in this area.

And then there’s the amount and type of implants needed. Mini implants aren’t nearly as expensive as full implants. Also, some implants require a special coating that drives up the price. As for amount—the more implants you have, the more you’ll need to pay, naturally.

Something else to consider that effects how much dental implants cost. Who is doing your implants? If your professional has put in up to three extra years of study to specialize in tooth replacement, like a prosthodontist or oral surgeon, then more will be added to your bill. However, many cosmetic dentists have been fully trained the placement of implants (and their dental implants cost may be on par with the specialists).

There’s something else you want to consider. While crowns and bridges, and dentures cost less, there will be additional expense for maintenance, or maybe even replacements. Implants, on the other hand, are basically permanent.

So how much are we talking about? Here in South Africa, the average dental implant cost per tooth replacement, starts at around R8’000 per implant. But, then again, if bone or jaw work is needed to insure a solid foundation for the implant, it could start at R12’000. And remember, that’s AVERAGE price.

Per tooth replacement cost average is from R6’000 upwards. We aren’t blind to the financial challenges facing us all these days. We will make every effort to work with you—offering you all the options available in your particular case, and finding you a payment plan you can manage.

Think again about total comfort and confidence, and what that’s worth to you.