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Tooth Implants

What Are Tooth Implants?

Tooth implants are artificial structures that a dental specialist places into your jawbone, and as a result supports a permanent tooth. A dental specialist such as a periodontist or a prostodontist normally places the tooth implant in your mouth.

Tooth implants are often a perfect solution for people who have lost teeth through injury or periodontal disease. However, good overall oral hygiene is required for the best effect and long-lasting results.

Tooth implants as a science and method sound very high-tech, but in fact they are one of the more conservative routes for additional teeth. They do not rely on neighboring teeth structure to be altered and act as a support.

Tooth implants today look and feel natural and the end results make you feel as if you have never lost a tooth. This creates confidence, particularly for people who have been missing teeth for years and have been too embarrassed to smile.

Tooth implants are a secure structure and can be the perfect replacement to a partial denture that has become loose. This can effect how you smile and how you chew your food. They allow you to eat, speak and smile again with full confidence.

Tooth implants and partial dentures

Implants provide additional support for partial dentures. They remove the need for a partial denture and use as a support for a dental bridge. Replacement of one or many teeth, without any disruption to neighbouring teeth.

What are the types of tooth implants?

Implants placed in the bone (Endosteal)

This is the most common tooth implant procedure. Screws are surgically placed through a hole placed in the jawbone. Each screw tooth implant will hold one or several metal and porcelain teeth.

On top of the bone (Subperiosteal)

A tooth implant is protruding from the gum and is resting on top of the jawbone. This procedure is less common and is generally used for patients who have poor bone density. This post will be used to stabilize dentures.

Reasons to have a tooth implant

Tooth implants feel like your own teeth

Tooth implants integrate into your jawbone, helping with bone loss and gum recession. No one will ever guess you had a tooth missing.

To save existing teeth

Tooth implants do not interfere with the structure on either side of the missing tooth.These can be left untouched and in the long term help with your oral health.

Self confidence

Eating and drinking will now be easier and will be more comfortable. There will be no more wobbly dentures and you can relax about missing dentures.


Tooth implants have a very high success rate and is one of the best options for missing teeth.

However you look at the problem of missing teeth, tooth implants are the best solution to missing teeth.