Different Types Of Dentures

Dentures are replacement teeth that can be removed when required. They have a acrylic gum line with acrylic teeth attached to mimic your own set of teeth.

There are different types of dentures available:

Immediate Dentures

When your teeth have been removed, an immediate denture can be fitted.  This is a temporary denture that is fitted to allow the gums time to heal.

The temporary denture can be worn for around 10 – 12 weeks after the removal of teeth. As the healing occurs, bones and gums shrink slightly after the teeth have been removed

Immediate dentures are made before your teeth have removed. These kind of dentures are often the choice of patients, since there will be no time lag when the patient will be without teeth.

The disadvantage of these temporary dentures is that they will need quite a lot of adjustment. They should thus only be seen as a temporary solution.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are made when not all your teeth are missing. The denture replaces the missing teeth between your existing teeth or crowns / bridges.

Teeth are attached to a pink acrylic gum base, and this is connected to a metal framework that fits over your palate and attaches with clasps to the surrounding teeth.

Partial dentures are advisable as if spaces are left in your mouth the existing teeth may start to drift and reposition. Partial Dentures are removable and are easily cleaned and replaced by the patient.

Full Dentures

These are made when all your teeth are lost and an immediate denture is not sufficient. These dentures covers your hard bone where your original teeth were. The teeth span around your mouth and are attached to a acrylic gum line..

Full Dentures require as much surface area as possible, since they rely on suction to hold them in place. The pink acrylic cover most of your hard palate, and can cause some patients to gag.  However it is only the first 24 hours that causes this kind of sensation. It is normally well tolerated as the suction is important and keeps the retention. If the gag reflex does not fade after 24 hours, the acrylic can be cut to help alleviate the sensation.

It normally takes 3 appointments from start to finish to achieve the perfect denture fit.