Why Use A Cosmetic Dentist?

In today’s day and age we have the advantage of state of the art dental equipment available, materials that are first class, and cosmetic dentists that are so well qualified that our smiles can be transformed and made flawless.

In addition, the cosmetic dentists offer a pain free option. With the help of modern anesthesia cosmetic dentists can now offer the patient a pain free treatment, using the newest local anesthetic machines available. These machines can be used with all dental treatments and they are quick and easy to use and best of all pain free.

A cosmetic surgery has also improved dramatically. These days, the surgeries are no longer unwelcoming and sterile, and are more likely to be modern with friendly smiling staff.

The cosmetic surgery will have a comfortable waiting room, with updated magazines and the smell of freshly ground coffee instead of the surgical spirit smell. The lighting will relaxing, and soothing music will waft in the background.

Cosmetic dental surgeries will have more than one cosmetic professional working in the practice.

The larger practices will have a full time oral hygienist, specialists in anesthetics, and a choice of professionals to assist you in every cosmetic procedure you require.

Their aim is to have an in-house team that can cater to every aesthetic procedure and can guide you through your treatment plan to get you closer to having your perfect smile.

With the number of cosmetic procedures available, the most popular of all has to be teeth whitening.

This services offered at a cosmetic practice are quite varied. There can be an in-house treatment, which is done by the oral gygienist and a stronger activation gel can be used. Also available are over the counter products that the patient can use themselves at home. These kits are normally worn overnight where the gel gets activated. However these at home gels are not as potent as the the in-house ones.

Veneers would be the second most popular, when the top layer of tooth structure is removed and replaced by slices of porcelain to achieve the correct colour, size and shape.

A lot of people are of the opinion that only vain people use cosmetic dentists, and that it is very expensive to get cosmetic dental treatments.However people do not realize that your level of confidence rises and you actually smile more with beautiful teeth.

It is money well spent when you use it on your teeth and this could be the best investment you could ever make in yourself, as they are your most valuable assets, and remember most cosmetic dentist do accept payment plans.

When you are looking for a cosmetic dentist please go with a reputable company who can recommend the best one for you.

They must be registered with the HPCSA, have adequate dental insurance, and should have many happy clients to recommend them.