What Is Dentistry

In this article we will discuss what is dentistry, and what is means to you as the patient.

What is dentistry?

Dentistry is a profession that has been practiced for thousands of years.

Oral health is vital for our over all well-being. It is little known fact that disease of the gums (gingivitis) has largely been linked with strokes, diabetes and heart disease. It is therefore a good oral heath is necessary for your overall health.

The work a dentist does is called dentistry, they look after the oral health of their patients.

Preventative advice will be given and diagnosing and treating all oral problems. A dentist is a doctor of dentistry fixing diseases, malformations of the teeth, replacement of teeth, straightening teeth,removal of teeth and replacing decayed teeth with healthy structures.This practice is a science.

Types of dentistry

In dentistry, the dentist can specialize in various fields:

  • Endodontics ( root canal)
  • Periodontics ( gum disease)
  • Orthodontics (straightening teeth)
  • Oral Surgery (Surgery on gums)

While importance in dentistry is put on oral hygiene, preventative dentistry is crucial to a healthy lifestyle.