What Happens At A Cosmetic Dentist Consultation?

Each time a new patient is assessed by a cosmetic dentist, an individual treatment plan is created to fill the need of each unique individual. The cosmetic dentist aims to create a new unique smile especially designed for you.

Everything will be different in a cosmetic dentist’s surgery: from the moment you walk in the door of his practice you will feel calm and know that you are in good hands.A cosmetic dentist realizes that you are intrusting him with the most valuable asset you have, your teeth.

The procedure

1. A long discussion will take place to discuss your wishes and your expectations.

2. A series of x-rays will be taken to assess your bone level and to see if there are any dental cavities that are not visible to the naked eye.

3. A set of plaster study models will be taken to and molded to see the layout of your teeth.

4. Some Cosmetic Dentists have access to 3d imaging cameras that can show the patient digitally their teeth from all angles.

5. Intra Oral cameras are used, this is a small probe like pen that has a camera on the end and an image in color can be shown to the patient on a nearby computer screen.

Cosmetic Treatment Plan

With all this information gathered the Cosmetic Dentist will sit and form a treatment plan for you. When he or she has completed his plan he will then sit with you and at length and discuss a course of action.

The cosmetic dentist will suggest all the necessary work that needs to be done first, for example if there needs to be fillings or root canal treatments.

These will be a priority before any cosmetic procedure can be carried out, as cosmetic work should only be carried out on sound strong teeth.

All Your Questions Answered

All your questions will be answered, such as:

  • How long will it take?
  • What Is the first step?
  • What about eating after the treatment?
  • Can everything be done using Local Anesthetic?
  • How much is everything going to cost?

A cosmetic dentist will do everything to make your cosmetic experience a good one.

They will follow up with you and support you fully through every procedure, ensuring the aftercare will run smoothly.

The cosmetic dentist will schedule your oral hygienist appointments plus your 6 monthly check up, to ensure that the work he has done is kept in the best condition for years to come.