Aesthetic Dentist

What is an aesthetic dentist?

Aesthetic dentistry is a term used to describe any dental treatments that can add improvement to the appearance of your smile.

Some aesthetic dentistry treatments are necessary and some are not.

Aesthetic dentistry looks at the appearance of the patient’s gums and the positioning and shape and color of his or her teeth.

Many dentists consider or call themselves themselves ‘aesthetic dentists ‘,  but this is not a form of specialty.

Dentists can educate themselves in the art of aesthetic procedures, and a lot of aesthetic dentists have case after case and have built up a large portfolio of cases.

It is important to investigate thoroughly which of these aesthetic dentist are for you:

– Ask to see before and after photos.
– Choose a reputable help centre site to give you aesthetic advice (for example Cosmetic Makeover)
– Speak to past patients or read the testimonials

What is aesthetic dentistry?

Aesthetic dentistry is the art of transforming a patients mouth into perfection. This is done in many ways.

All decay must be first removed and a good oral healthy mouth is necessary before any aesthetic work can begin.

Discoloration of teeth can be solved by the following procedures:

-Teeth whitening
– Crowns
– Veneers
– Composite coverings

Missing teeth can be replaced by the following:
– Dentures
– Bridges
– Implants

Crooked teeth can be realigned by the following treatments
– Orthodontics (braces)
– Veneers
– Crowns
– Composite coverings

Most of the aesthetic dental problems can be corrected now with the advanced training of dentists, also the new equipment on the market along with superior materials.

This allows perfection in shape and color allowing the patient the confidence of a perfect set of teeth.